Snow in the Mountains

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Bit of the white stuff on Gracehill's top veranda

Bit of the white stuff on Gracehill's top veranda

Our elevation at Gracehill is 2500 feet, the highest house in the county.  The ten Aprils I have had the privilege of living here we have had snow almost every time.  It usually falls slowly and melts quickly, but you can’t count on it so we watch the conditions closely and get out  and spread urea, environmentally friendly, on the road when needed. 

This April was no different.  The bad weather moved in yesterday, Monday, April 6, 2009,  in the middle of spreading 18 cubic yards of mulch.  The crew, Brandy, Hans and Mike, aka, “Dog,” had started on Sunday and managed to hang in there till quiting time Monday but still had a good size pile left. 

I was hoping we could finish today, Tuesday, but everything except the road was buried under four  inches of the white stuff.  It has been snowing off and on all day today.  Mom and I are  going to go spread the road  before dark.  I have a meeting I need to be at tomorrow and would prefer to drive the whole way instead of hiking down the hill to where I have a backup car parked at the bottom!  The good news?  Finished my taxes late last night and emailed the remainder to my accountant.  Preparing now to lead a discussion tomorrow on search engine optimization to the Smoky Mountain Bed and Breakfast Association.  Mizkathleen @Gracehill