Townsend Business Association

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Bird's Foot Violet

Bird's Foot Violet, (Viola pedata)

Ran a few errands today, and on the way back to Gracehill I noticed the banks along our driveway are covered with blooming Bird’s Foot Violets (Viola pedata).  We hosted the Townsend Business Association meeting this evening at the B&B and had a number of business owners from town who had not been here before.  At the last meeting they thought it would be lovely to have a cheese and wine tasting party at this meeting.  In typical Southern fashion, there were two wine drinkers and everyone else had ice tea.  I’m sure getting off the mountain when the meeting was over didn’t enter into the decision on what to drink!  Cloudy, rainy, misty weather all day till 15 minutes before the meeting, then it broke and the clear crisp sunset was lovely.  Mizkathleen @Gracehill