Bears in Cades Cove, Bat Houses, and Claiming my blog on Technorati

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Weekdays in June have been surprisingly busy with guests while weekends relatively slow, which is a little odd.  Have had a few drop-in one-nighters, but most of the reservations have been three to five-nighers.  Almost all of our guests these last 16 days have been hikers, rather than the shop until you drop variety!   Cades Cove has been busy with numerous bear sightings.  Weather continues to be beautiful.  Gardens doing well and the dog fur has kept the rabbits away.  Ta Da!!! (See my previous post.)

We put up a bat house.  Bats (five or six) had started roosting under the eave on the front of the house in an area that wasn’t ideal.  They showed up last year in the same spot and we ran them off.  This year I decided I wanted them as permanent tenants, just not in that spot.  They appear to have found the bat house.  We rubbed a little bat guano on the house hoping that might help them find it.  It can take up to a year or longer for them to find a house, could I be so lucky to have the bats find it that soon?

On a personal note, I woke up one morning ten days ago and decided I needed to start painting again.  I mean right then, like, serve breakfast, clear the table, and pick up a  paint brush.  Don’t know where the urge came from.   I haven’t done much in the way of art these ten years I have been inn-keeping.  A dear guest who has become a good friend shamed me into a little painting last summer but it is  always easier for me to find work to do around the  B&B.  I finished one painting, worked on another, and started two others in the last ten days.  Today is my first day without guests in a while and I thought I would paint all day.  Thank the Lord common sense prevailed and I have been a good girl working through the piles on my desk today.

I have been trying to submit/claim my blog on for the last three weeks and today it took me one step further than before.  I need to post the following number- ynvcjgiqrd, for it to find me.  We’ll see if it works.  mizkathleen @Gracehill