To Read or not to Read, Fried or Scrambled, Seasons in the Great Smoky Mountains

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Scott and Jessica

Scott and Jessica

This must be Gracehill’s favorite rock, see the blog of July 8th, and, one of my favorite photos of the season,  took it  in August.  My office overlooks the back patio area and waterfall.  Every once in a while, I glance outside and see either guests or wildlife.  Suppose the wildlife would consider us the guests.

I am more of a flop in bed with a book at night, or an easy chair during the day, type of  reader, but Scott and Jessica were soaking up some rays sitting on the rocks before the long trek home.

I wonder how many readers marry non-readers? I’m not talking about what you have to read for work, but readers who carry a book with them in case they get stuck somewhere.  Surely a compatibility study has been done on this topic.   I think it really comes down to those folks who can sit together comfortably in a room for hours without talking to each other versus those whose vocal cords would freeze up with five minutes of silence. A reader friend of mine is married to a non-reader.  She says after 45 years of marriage they not only can but do sit in silence for hours on end.  😉

Wildlife  likes warm rocks also.  In retrospect, I wonder if there was anything lurking.  Looks peaceful enough, but my guests could have been living on the edge for the hour they were there, and never knew how close they came to a critter encounter.  Music of the  “Twilight Zone” grows louder.

6 30 AM on a November Morning

6 30 AM on a November Morning

Shifting gears,  it’s November and the green is gone replaced with lots of brown.  Splashes of red and yellow are here and there.   I took this second photo a few mornings ago.  Was on my way to the kitchen at 6:30 AM.   Looked out front and the moon was huge, glowing and just perfect.  Swung into my office to grab my camera and made the mistake of clicking on  my inbox.  In the two minutes  it took me to answer one short email , the moon all but disappeared.    Seems like life goes just as fast.  I attended a seminar in September, where the computer guru told  us innkeepers that if we didn’t have a photo of ourselves posted on our websites, we were missing the boat.  “Guests want to see who will be flipping their eggs.”   I went to my web page today to plunk a photo in and read the “Gracehill Story” for the first time in years.  Made me realize how much has happened since that first breakfast ten years ago.  I had a family of six.  At my first official breakfast, I made waffles for the main course.  By the time I got done making six waffles, the  first person who had eaten was ready for lunch!  Music from the “Twilight Zone” fades, and the jingle “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby” floats through my head.  By the way, if the urge hits to scope out my first time ever, newly released photo, please realize I have never flipped a fried egg in my life.  There’s still time I guess…  mizkathleen@ Gracehill

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  1. Never flipped a fried egg?? How can this be? Making me hungry for eggs and toast but I think I will survive with a mere banana.

    All of my lasting relationships/friendships have been with “readers” or generally quiet and thoughtful people. Never really thought about it until now but it’s true! 🙂


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