Crested Dwarf Iris

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Crested Dward Iris, (Iris cristata and Iris verna)

Crested Dward Iris, (Iris cristata and Iris verna)

The approach to the bed and breakfast starts a mile down at Highway 321, change in elevation a 1000ft.  The first 4/10th of a mile is “subdivision” road.  The last 6/10ths of a mile is a private drive. I have planted a lot on the right and left the left side natural, for the most part.  It is a clay bank, from where we cut the road in, which is filled with indigenous things like ferns and wildflowers.  One thing I did plant on that side, were about 4 shoe boxes full of native Crested Dwarf Iris, both Iris Cristata and Iris Verna.  (Verna, the leaf is a little narrower, and it lacks the crest on the sepal.) 

The story behind that–  In 1990, while the owner/operator of Little River Village Campground in Townsend,  I bought a cabin in Wears Valley on top of Cove Mountain.  I went out in the woods one day and dug up a shoebox full miniature iris and planted them in my garden.  Sending good thoughts their way along with a little fertilizer, fast forward 3 years, and I had several fair size patches blooming.  A couple of  years I dug from that garden and sent some home some with friends, another year I dug up some and planted them at Mom’s house.  When I started building Gracehill, I dug up from the same garden the 4 shoeboxes full I planted here.  They are scattered along a 300-foot stretch of driveway.  If you clumped them all together it would probably be about 15 feet square that is covered!  Ya gotta love em.  mizkathleen @Gracehill

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