A day with Kane, what a hoot!

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Kane and Grandma Marilyn

My nephew Kane and my mom, Marilyn

I had guests checking out today, Good Friday, and none checking in till Monday which is a little unusual.   My six-year-old nephew Kane was out of school, so my sister-in-law dropped him off  for the day.  He was just in time to collect guest keys and swipe a credit card through the machine as our guests were leaving.  I told him he was the innkeeper for the day, put an apron on him and headed to the kitchen.  After clearing the breakfast table, we got down to work, and Kane made from scratch a key lime cheesecake and an amaretto cake for Easter on Sunday.  We had invited 17 friends and family.

I asked him if he had ever cracked an egg before.  He said, “YES!”  I said, ” You did???” and he said, “Yes, when I dropped it on the floor!”  We practiced cracking them into a separate bowl before dumping them in the mixing bowl.  I was a little worried about Kane getting the spatula caught up in the beaters, but he did a great job.  The only thing I did besides checking the measurements was zesting the limes and seperating yolks from whites when we needed them.    We colored Easter eggs, did flower arrangements for church and the Inn, and helped clean up the backyard and parking lot when the last of the mulch was spread.  I don’t know who had a better time, Kane or Auntie Kathy!  Again, one heck of storm (tornado warnings) blew in the last hour we were working outside.  Grandma took Kane home, and I contemplated the timing of the storm and the Crucifixion of our Lord.  Mizkathleen @Gracehill