Day Trip Seventeen

  • Class at the Smoky Mountain Field School
Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

The Smoky Mountain Field School was founded as a cooperative relationship between the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Their goal is to enhance public appreciation, understanding and stewardship of the Park and the natural world through various classes.  I used to believe this was a Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont function, but Tremont is just one of many places where these classes are held.  I lifted the 2014 class schedule from their website to give you an idea of the range of seminars. This is just a small portion of the classes they offer.  For ten years I’ve wanted to take the Edible and Poisonous Fungi of the Smokies and Mosses and Liverworts of the Smokies, but every time they have been offered it’s an all day Saturday class, usually in October, which is peak season here.  Maybe when I retire, and no, don’t worry about me using anything for breakfast other than the mushrooms that come from the grocery store!

Introduction to Fly-casting & Fly-fishing14SU931-108/16/1459.00
Edible and Poisonous Fungi of the Smokies14SU85808/23/1459.00
Getting to Know Our “6-Legged Friends”14SU80808/23/1459.00
Introduction to Spin-Casting and Spin-Fishing14SU87308/23/1459.00
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Historical Tours with Heartland’s Bill Landry-Overhill Cherokees at Sequoyah Birthplace Museum14SU871-208/30/1459.00
Incredible Edibles and Traditional Medicinals14SU881-108/30/1459.00
Photography for Naturalists14SU90708/30/1459.00
Exploring Bluff Mountain14FA89009/13/1459.00
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Introduction to Map and Compass14FA89309/13/1459.00
Understanding the Black Bear14FA94009/13/1459.00
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Advanced Use of Map and Compass14FA89609/14/1459.00
Fall Wildflowers – A Cades Cove Bounty14FA89809/20/1459.00
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Appalachian Trail Day Hike: Clingmans Dome to Siler Bald Shelter14FA88509/27/1459.00
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Butterflies and Flutterbies14FA89410/05/1459.00
Incredible Edibles and Traditional Medicinals14FA88110/11/1459.00
Two Night Backpack Loop Adventure(Closed)*14FA91610/16/14155.00
Bears of the Smokies14FA86110/18/1459.00
Introduction to Orienteering14FA86710/18/1459.00
Advanced Wilderness Orienteering14FA867-110/19/1459.00
Canoe Exploration of Calderwood Lake14FA82610/25/1459.00
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Fall Nature Photography14FA90410/25/1465.00
Birding in the Smokies14FA85111/01/1459.00
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Mt. LeConte Hike and Overnight in the Lodge(Closed)*14FA85711/01/14185.00
Winter Tree Identification14FA90311/01/1459.00
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Elkmont – Transition and Change14FA93811/08/1459.00
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