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WBIR TV, Knoxville, TN, NBC affiliate contest nets Gracehill top honors!

Posted by on Feb 22, 2010 in At The Inn | 1 comment

A Winter's Snow at Gracehill
A Winter’s Snow at Gracehill

Local Channel 10 WBIR TV held a contest to determine the top five bed and breakfasts in East Tennessee.  Any one logging onto WBIR’s website could cast a vote for the several days the contest ran.  By Friday at noon, Gracehill B&B was at the top of the list with four of the five winners belonging to the Smoky Mountain Bed and Breakfast Association. 

This February, your not so intrepid innkeeper, moi, elected to take some vacation time, and for the first time in ten years, enjoyed the winter snowfall instead of obsessing about keeping the road open for guests and us to get up and down the mountain safely.  It was a tough call because the month of February brings us Valentine’s traffic every weekend.  By choosing to take some time off and let Mother Nature take her course, the up shot was, Mom and I were snowed in for nine days.  Beautiful, absolutely, but as the level in the propane tank dropped by the eighth day, I decided it was time to start shoveling.  Hans, our gardener, played a big part in this little 6/10th of a mile endeavor.  I started at the top, he at the bottom, and thankfully the twain did meet!  Besides, there was only one scoop of ice cream left in the freezer and we had eaten enough out of the pantry to see that I should probably repaint the shelves…

Twenty-four hours after getting the road opened back up I decided to ease on down the road into Maryville to run some errands.  My phone rang while there with the news of the contest and asking if WBIR reporter Josh West could meet me at Gracehill for some photos.  You might ask yourself just how fast can an old lady drive?  I beat him with just enough time to pull the car in the garage and fluff my hair!

I was asked why did I think we won?  My answers were bouncing all over as my mouth flapped, but to be honest??? Cause Gracehill has always been blessed with the very best of guests any innkeeper could ask for.  Thanks from the bottom of this transplanted Yankee to Southern heart to ya’ll who took the time to vote.  mizkathleen @Gracehill

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