Gracehill Bed and Breakfast Permanently Closed

I would like to thank the wonderful guests from the last twenty years that contributed to making Gracehill B&B a success. I sold my home as a private residence last week to a couple who stayed here many times beginning the year I opened. For those now looking for a new place to stay, I suggest going to www.SmokyMountainBB.com. Listed there are a dozen lovely B&B’s in a three county area, that would be happy to take your reservation.

On a personal note, until the new owners retire, I will continue to live at Gracehill for a couple of years as caretaker for the now private property. I’m considering options for opening a bricks and mortar art gallery in Townsend in 2022. When Covid hit in early 2020, I became serious about my art work for the first time in my adult life. I started to sell my work to guests last year and was excited about how enthusiastically it was received. In January of 2021 I entered my first juried competition at Arrowmont and won one of their two awards of merit. I recently held my first local solo art show and have three more scheduled in 2021.

I’ve also started a new website, GracehillArt.com, where my artwork is available for sale. It is divided into four categories, Basketry, Alcohol Inks, Photography, and Oil Painting (coming soon). If you are hankering for a memento from your time at Gracehill, check out the photography link. There you’ll find a couple of dozen of my favorite sunset photos taken from the top veranda at Gracehill printed as giclees on canvas. I’d be happy to drop ship one to you! Again, thanks for the memories. Kathy@