Day Trip Thirteen

  • Massage
  • Whirlpool Tub (every room) or Steam Shower (Spellbound only)
  • A Few Games or a Long Nap
  • Picnic Lunch Without Leaving your Rocker
  • Sunset on the Veranda
  • Dinner at Foothills Milling Company
    Sm Appetizer Tray- Cheese, Fruit, Crackers, Choc Dipped Strawberries

    Small Appetizer Tray- Cheese, Fruit, Crackers, Choc Dipped Strawberries

    No Two Gracehill Sunsets Are Ever the Same!

    No Two Gracehill Sunsets Are Ever the Same!

Most of our Smoky Mountain Lodging guests are visiting attractions in the area, so they are out and about all day.  Occasionally I have guests that put a robe on when they arrive, and don’t want to take it off till they leave!

If that floats your boat, you still have choices.  It is quiet enough you can nap the day away.  I’d opt for a book and a cup of something and head to the glider on the top veranda for sunrise, and again after breakfast.  By early afternoon, I’d switch to the rear patio and take a chair under the rose arbor next to the fishpond, then back to the front veranda for sunset.  Somewhere in there, schedule a massage.  There is an area down in our fitness center set up just for that.  If you want a couples massage, that works also.  If you have someone local you would like to use, just let me know.  If not, there are several companies I can call to come out.  Figure $90 an hour, $105 for 75 minutes or $120 for an hour and a half.

We have an extensive library, a guest computer with high-speed access, a number of games to play, and over 70 movie channels on HD satellite TV with DVD players. There are snacks and drinks on the food bar in the hall.  You can bring snacks from home or even a steak and fixing’s for a salad and grill out on the deck.  There is a microwave on the same deck as the grill.  If you don’t want to mess with it I can make a picnic lunch that you can eat any time of the day or even appetizer trays that have enough food for the two of you for a big meal.  If you can manage to pry yourself out of the whirlpool tub and into some clothes, I’d recommend Foothills Milling Company for dinner.  I’ll make the reservation.