Views & Gardens

Every season is spectacular.  Sit in front of one of the fireplaces and watch the snow fall. Two months later breathe the scent of  mountain laurel blooming all over the mountain.  Mid summer?  Watch the bears eating blackberries on the road coming up the mountain, or come fall  kick a path through the crimson and gold leaves on the ground.

Most mornings have you looking down on the clouds covering the valleys below and there is no better vantage point for watching the weather “roll in.”

Both Key Largo and Casablanca have a direct view of the sunset as shown in the first 14 photos.  The view from Spellbound is on a slight angle to the sunset overlooking a waterfall as shown in photos 32 and 33 and the first 14 photos.  Roman Holiday has windows on all four sides if you count the bathroom which is where the sun sets.  It  is mainly forest and  rear garden patio as shown in the photos of the 5th and 6th row and the last 3 rows.

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