The yellows are blooming, daffs, forsythia, and crocuses

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More To Do in the Spring!  

I have a hard time believing winter is over at our Smoky Mountain Bed and Breakfast, however I am surrounded by yellow.  The daffodils, forsythia, pansies and crocuses are all blooming so I couldn't really use the great snow shot I took of Thunderhead Mountain from our driveway overlooking the Great Smoky Mountains National Park!  I've updated our website Calendar of Events for the year, and it seems there are more things to do in the next three months, in our three county area, than any other time of year! A partial listing is in the column here to the right.

Early Morning Moon
Early Morning, February Moon Rise
Black Tie Class, Blue Jean Comfort

Scope Out the New "Day Trip" Page   


There is a new tab/link on our website called "Day Trips."  Occasionally when guests book, who haven't been to the area before, they'll ask if there is something to keep them busy for the days they are here.  OH MY GOSH!  I knew I could keep them busy for a week, but when we really put our heads to it we came up with 18 different day trips.  I grouped activities together that would be in one geographic location so you are not running the roads from county to county.

It is in outline form so you can see what is lumped together for each day, but if you click on the hyperlink for "Day Trip One" or "Two" or "Three", it will take you to an in-depth page on the activity.  Six of the links are live now, the rest will go live this next week.  Even if you live locally this will give you some new ideas. 


Of course you don't have to run the roads. Stay here and nap after breakfast, get a massage, slide into the hot tub, have a picnic lunch, nap again, hit one of several recommended restaurants for dinner and be back here in time for sunset!  That's the best Gracehill day...

 Hearty Soups and an Award Winning Bread
Rosemary Feta Cheese Bread
Rosemary Feta Cheese Bread


Two great hearty and filling soups are

Tortellini and Taco. 

Tortellini can be time consuming, a lot of chopping and simmering, but it makes a great presentation for a dinner party.  Taco Soup on the other hand could be made by your kids.  Brown a little ground beef, open a mess of cans and dump them in the pot and heat.  To serve, garnish it with fritos, grated cheddar cheese, and sour cream.  Delightful!  The Rosemary Feta Cheese Bread makes two loaves and I always used French loaf pans.  Two years ago I decided to enter it in the Blue Ribbon Country Fair in the yeast bread division, and it needed to be in a loaf pan which you can see above.  I like it both ways but rolling it into a French loaf is easier.  It's nice when served warm, but will keep wrapped on the kitchen counter for a couple of days.

In French Loaf Form
In French Loaf Form

I've added a dozen or more recipes on our website since the last newsletter.  Most of them were cookie and candy recipes for Christmas but also three "healthy" recipes.  On the bottom of my home page there is a little box where the latest five recipes will always be highlighted. Enjoy!



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